Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Re-Thinking The Columbia Wegmans: Let's Aim To Open On Memorial Day 2012

Even someone loopy enough to run a food blog can see that it is crazy to stand outside a half-built grocery store in February.

So I'm rethinking my call for a mass rally at the Columbia Wegmans site on Valentine's Day 2011.

At this point, the smart money would bet on a Columbia Wegmans by Summer 2012.  They're clearly re-grading the entire site, and there are finally big machines working off McGaw Road.

So I'm shifting my call to arms to Memorial Day 2012.  That's a heart-stopped delay for someone remembers being horrified when someone said the Howard County store might not open until 2009.  But it seems silly to stand in the snow a year ahead of schedule.

Let's make sure Wegmans knows that we are planning for early Summer 2012.  Memorial Day.  Still cool enough that you'll want to explore the cheese section, but just in time for grilling and summer vegetables.

You can join a Facebook group or just sign up for the Facebook event.   The motto remains the same:  "If they're open, we shop. If they're not, we help build."  I'll adapt the plan as we get closer.  Maybe they'll offer samples or early tours. Maybe we'll bring power tools to help with the punch list.  Or maybe we'll just run a guerilla barbecue on the side of McGaw Road.  Viva la revolution.


Marcia said...

Sounds like a plan. I'll be there !

I don't quite get what will take so long, now that they have the go-ahead but I've never build a grocery store before. Seems like the new Giant in Burtonsville is taking quite some time to build, too.

Maureen Edwards said...

I don't know if I can stand the wait. I have a really bad case of Wegmania! Maureen

TJ said...

The Lanham Wegmans opens very soon!