Thursday, September 30, 2010

Link: Rumor Mill on HoCo Rising

The Rumor Mill in Ellicott City gets a rave this morning from the HoCo Rising blog.  HocoRising talks up chef Matt Milani, who sounds really adventurous and who put out finger foods and small plates that sound terrific.

Honestly, the Rumor Mill and the Pure Wine Cafe have languished on my "to do" list.  They're not close.  I hadn't heard much talk.  Suddenly, I am desperate to try "lollipops" of blue cheese, beet and bacon that were made on an "anti-griddble" and that HoCoRising describes as melting in your mouth.  This is the benefit of a web of small blogs about Howard County -- more voice means more eating.


UhOhBadDog said...


First, keep up the great work, love your content, and we rely on it for new ideas of where to eat.

Wanted to share what I think is an update to a post from earlier this year by you. Checked with Management at Baja Fresh while I was there last night, and they did confirm they are not planning on closing. However, they did indicate that they will likely be reducing their footprint, basically eliminating the larger sitting area side of their space. So, I guess we'll now see what happens with this latest news. May make Winter dining there a bit challenging going forward.

Josh K said...

I have been to the Rumor Mill on a few of date nights/parents night out and I always left feeling the same way. In theory this is exactly the type of restaurant that HoCo needs – non-chain, fusion, upscale, urbanish, etc. However, I also leave feeling like the concept is much better than the outcome. I can’t put my finger on it, but I have not been wowed.

Which means we go there much less often than a place like Pho Dat Thanh, where we always leave saying that this is just about the best food in Howard County, it is cheep, family friendly, etc.