Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pakistani Hot Pepper Gummis at Columbia Halal

Hot pepper gummy bears could be an absolute joke, but the Chili Mili candies are actually more delicious than I expected.

I bought two bags -- 25 cents each -- at Columbia Halal Meat on Rte 108 figuring that they'd be humorous.  But I have bought a dozen since then because they're pretty good.  They're spicy.  Spicy enough that the heat builds over even a little bag.

These are along the line of the super mango lollipop from El Patio Market or the candies at Mexican places like Lily's Mexican Market that mix salty, spicy and sweet.  If anything, the Chili Mili gummies are more mainstream than, say, tamarind maracas.  These are candies, nothing artisenal.  Gummies on the stiff side, and the sweet, hot flavor building as you eat each one.  Maybe not kid-friendly, but great fun for anyone who likes sugar and spice and everything nice.


MaybeKathy said...

I need to pick up a bunch of these for my coworkers. I got them all addicted to wasabi kit-kats and now they are all mad at me because I can't get anymore.

MaybeKathy said...

Update: I went on Thursday night to pick up some pepper gummis but I couldn't find them anywhere. When I asked about them, I got a weary "no, we don't have any" in response. HowChow readers must have beaten me there!