Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DeDe Basil Seed Soda: The Absolute Craziest Soft Drink That You'll Actually Think Is Delicious

Would you drink a soda that tastes like banana but looks like it's home to a herd of paramecium?

No, laughs Mrs. HowChow.  But she's missing out.

The grocers at Columbia Halal Meat sell a Thai soft drink made with basil seeds and honey.  The seeds float in a cloud -- each about half-inch apart.

The drink, made by DeDe, tastes fruity and sweet.  Certainly honey.  Maybe banana.  The seeds don't really taste like anything.  They have the texture of tapioca in bubble tea or maybe a softer feel of pomegranite seeds.  Overall, it's refreshing and fun, certainly unique.

Apparently, the basil seeds are natural and a traditional Thai ingredient.  They swell in the soda.  Safe, fun and definitely not a protozoa in the bottle.

(Update:  Look for DeDe soda in the Asian groceries like Family Market in Columbia, Lotte in Ellicott City or H Mart in Catonsville.  I don't recommend the similar soda that comes in a can.  Not that I have any expertise in basil seed soda, but I didn't like the taste as much.)

One warning.  You may need a bottle opener to pop the DeDe cap.  There is a metal ring that should open the top, but I am only one for three.  Twice, the metal tore off, and I used a bottle opener instead.


Kim said...

AUGH! They look like little fish eyes.

Brittany said...


Brianna said...

Brittany & Kim—have an open mind, you girls!

I cannot recommend DeDe Basil Seed Soda enough—you REALLY have to get this stuff! The sweet, but not too sweet, honey-flavor provides a delicate counterpoint to the tapioca-like sweet basil. Now that I think about it, DeDe is like bubble tea, but only better!

TRUST ME, you NEED to try this!

Scott said...