Thursday, September 23, 2010

Canned Peaches At Larriland Farm

The next two months are perfect for Larriland Farms -- pick apples from the trees, select a pumpkin from the field, and enjoy the last outdoor weekends of the year.

Definitely check out the farm store that Larriland has expanded over the past two years.  (If nothing else, buy the dried fruit candy at the checkout.)  Keep your eyes out for canned peaches.  Larriland had them at the end of the summer.  They're peaches grown on the farm, then canned locally.  Four dollars is expensive for fruit, but I bet that they're delicious -- and that I'll cherish them in mid-winter when they'll be the taste of summer in a can.

Larriland Farms in Woodbine is an easy 30-minute drive from almost anywhere in Howard County.  From the southern county, take Rte 32 to I-70 West.  From Columbia or north, take Rte 29 to I-70 West.  Larriland has hit the perfect tone where it's family-run and friendly, but professionally operated so that everything runs well.  Click here for all the Larriland posts.

If you go to Larriland, consider a barbecue meal before or after at Town Grille in Lisbon.  It's great BBQ even though it is inside a gas station.

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