Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dutch Country Market in Laurel Opening Soon

The Dutch Country Farmers Market looks ready to open at its new home in Laurel on Rte 198, and I'm hoping for a "soft open" this weekend.

The last official email from the market said they were hoping to open the second week of September after final inspections in the week of September 1. But a comment from Veggies! talks about opening Labor Day weekend. People were definitely inside last weekend when I drove past.

(Update: They're open. Official email said they'll be open Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-8, Saturday 8-3. No "soft open," I guess.)

The market was a Burtonsville landmark for decades, and they're still using the name "Burtonsville" on the front of the store. But the new store will be in Laurel just east of the Home Depot. This is a half-mile east of U.S. 1 and completely convenient from I-95.

The Burtonsville farmers market was a must-visit for anyone interested in food. You could go just for the spectacle and the hot pretzels. But they also served everything from meat to candy, fresh-squeezed juice to take-our ribs. Based on people I know, the butcher was one of the major draws. People won't admit it, but they also went for the egg, bacon and cheese pretzel rolls that made a hearty breakfast.

If you want more information, call 877-421-1454 or 717-786-4736.

(I fixed an earlier error that said "west of Hope Depot.")

Dutch Country Farmers Market (opening September 2009)
9701 Fort Meade Road (Rte 198)
Laurel, MD 20707

NEAR: The market will be on Rte 198 just east of U.S. 1. Look for the Home Depot. Then turn right at the next light, and you'll be in the market's parking lot. It is very convenient from downtown Laurel or even from I-95.


Stephanie T said...

In the third paragraph: isn't the market east of US 1? Just want to make sure nobody gets lost!

edna said...

Thank goodness! I'm getting the DTs from lack of scrapple omelets and we are running out of popcorn. Thank you for the update. Big fan, by the way.