Monday, August 31, 2009

Yogiberry At The Columbia Mall

Yogiberry has come to the Howard County mall, and it's ironic that I miss the modern design after teasing the Olney location for ripping off Pinkberry.

One of the first weekend's customers at the new Yogiberry at the Columbia Mall was my friend -- who we'll call RDAdoc. RDAdoc had been waiting months since first seeing a "coming soon" sign and discovering that one of the original Yogiberry stores was around the corner from her office in Rockville. On Sunday, she took her taste for frozen yogurt -- and her training as a nutritionist -- to the mall for a little treat:

I was thrilled to find out from HowChow the other day that Yogiberry finally opened. Today I went to the Columbia Mall and walked around the food court expecting Yogiberry to be there. When I didn’t find it in the food court I continued walking in hopes of finding it. I was quite surprised to discover that it was actually a small stand right outside the play area near JC Penny’s. I was a little disappointed because one of the things I really like about the Rockville store is the d├ęcor. The Columbia location doesn’t seem to be fully up and running yet. They had a sign saying “cash only temporarily” and also only had plain and berry flavors. They did have a good selection of toppings including delicious fresh fruit; however, they didn’t have mochi which comes highly recommended by HowChow. I had a cup of original yogurt with mango and yogurt and it was delicious!

For those of you like me who are interested in nutrition information, I wanted to bring something to your attention. If you just look at the calories it seems like they are pretty low (green tea= 70, berry and original=90, chocolate=100). However you need to pay attention to the serving size and servings per container. The serving size on the nutrition label is ½ a cup (equals 4 ounces) and there are 1.3 servings per container. Yogiberry offers three sizes- 4 oz, 8 oz and 12 oz. That means an 8 oz cup of chocolate yogurt contains 260 calories. Remember that is just for the yogurt and doesn’t include toppings. So even though Yogiberry offers healthy options the calories can still add up if you aren’t paying attention.

So Yogiberry has joined the BP Market in Maple Lawn. as the Howard County outposts of the tart yogurt trend. (Check out other comments about Yogiberry here.) I hope the Columbia Mall location eventually expands like its other stores to offer four flavors of yogurt and the full mix of toppings like fruit, candy or sugar cereals. ("Fruity pebbles!") It's not the celebrity attraction of Pinkberry, but it is a fun treat -- especially because the fruit is fresh and not some canned syrup.

The yogurt is delicious. RDAdoc brought home cups for both me and Mrs. HowChow. The standard is a touch sour, but that makes it refreshing and unique. My true treat is mochi topping, the little cubes of rice sweet that you often find in Japanese desserts. I had talked that up to RDAdoc before her visit. They're lightly sweet, sort of an adult gummy bear. You can't get them at the BP Market either so I actually bought rice flour at the Laurel Grand Mart to try to make my own. I'll be the guy in line with a plastic bag of his own toppings.

Yogiberry - Columbia Mall
10300 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia, MD 21044

NEAR: This is in the Columbia Mall on the lower level. It is a stand outside J.C. Penney's.

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RunEatRepeat said...

I know you were joking, but I totally add my own toppings to TCBY. Have you ever heard of Yogurtland? It will change your life.

Paul! said...

They do have both yogurt machines (4 flavors) running as of Friday evening. I tried the green tea with fresh blueberries. The flavor combo worked suprisingly well together!

As for the toppings, it looks like they had everything in stock (cereals, fruit, candy, etc.) *execpt* mochi. On Friday, they said that they were getting it in the next day though, but I haven't been back since to check.

I may make a trip after work today if I can sneak out early enough. I'll report back if I do!

Paul! said...

No mochi yet!

Just came back from a trip. They said to expect it "by the end of the week". We'll see!!

Anonymous said...

I had the berry with butterscotch chips. Luckily, with a coupon I got it for free. It was good, but for the real price you have to pay it's definitely a luxury - a 2 or 3 time a year luxury.

DCMetroreader said...

Thanks for the heads up. I really want to try this -- haven't tried the new sour yogurt thing, but the green tea sounds wonderful!

Work in progress said...

Between the new yogiberry at the mall and mangoberry at hanoori town, HoCo's got plenty of options now. I'm just thankful I don't have to drive all the way out to Olney anymore!

Anonymous said...

I just went to the mall earlier and they now have mochi! I don't want to disappoint HowChow but I wasn't that big of a fan. Although they do have both machines they still have have two flavors available- regular and berry flavor. No chocolate or green tea just yet. I had regular with mango and almonds. YUMMY!!


HowChow said...

RDAdoc -- So disappointing! Mochi is so good. I'll serve you some sweets to bring you around.

Anonymous said...

Mr. RDAdoc went to the mall the other day and brought me home yogiberry with pomegrante. Apparently they just got it in. I've been looking for it at the Rockville location but they haven't had it. YUM!

LexC said...

Just went last night (9/15) and they had a sign that said "Cash Only". Luckily I had some on me and was able to get a green tea with fruity pebbles. We also got a chocolate with Reeses Pieces. They also had vanilla and berry. It was good, but I hope they get the credit card machine working, or I fear that people might skip over it.

kam said...

A bit late to the party, but I stopped by Yogiberry today. They're still only accepting cash, and the gentleman behind the counter told me that they only have mochi on weekends. I abandoned my plans to have green tea with mochi (although he kindly gave me a sample of green tea) and had a plain chocolate instead. Still quite good!

Marci said...

Finally got to try Yogiberry this weekend. I ordered the orginial flavor with fresh mangoes. Liked the sour flavor, though the yogurt tasted a bit like cream cheese.

I'll definitely go back to try the green tea yogurt.

Anonymous said...

This is a year late :)) But I ABSA-FRIGGIN-LUTELY :P lurrrve this stuff!!! I think TCBY is blah compared to Yogiberry..I am not fond of the mochi stuff though...tastes like keep up the good work, excellent blog.