Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Link: New Maple Lawn Steakhouse To Have Same Menu As Original Jordan's

The "Carlos and Jordan's Steakhouse" that will replace Oz Chophouse in Maple Lawn will have the same menu as the original Jordan's Steakhouse in Ellicott City, according to Elizabeth Large's column in the Sun (second item).

Oz closed last weekend, and the new venture will partner the owners of Jordan's and Ranazul, the tapas restaurant next door. Large's column quotes the owner of Jordan's about changes already made to the Jordan's menu including small plates. They're talking a November 2009 opening.

The news is similar on Explore Howard, which reports about the new restaurant and also say that the United Methodist Church will build a regional office at Maple Lawn.


Vk@Nyte said...

wow..things are definitely shaking up there..

That's good to hear!! Hopefully it will have the same if not better ambience as the Jordan's on main street!!

HowICook said...

What's going on at Jordan's in Ellicott City? I made reservations on open table for 6:30 PM today for a special birthday dinner. We arrived and the doors were locked with a couple of signs saying 'No trespassing... locked by the order of the landlord...'. There was no sign of any life. I tried the phone # and no answer. Maybe, it's just a utility problem.