Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Link: Hard To Stay Away From Bon Fresco

Bon Fresco Sanwich Bakery gets an enthusiastic write-up from BillZ, who is back and blogging on Live in Howard County. I have really enjoyed the sandwiches and the bread at Bon Fresco, which is just off Snowden River Parkway just south of the Home Depot.


Lyss said...

I've gotta say - I LOVE their new (not yet on the menu) flatbread sandwiches. They are HUGE and delicious. I had the roasted turkey, just as they prepared it with red onion, banana peppers, mixed greens, hummus & balsamic. Unbelieveably good. Love the light & simple ingredients!! Gerald had mentioned they were considering offering breakfast. I wonder if that's still a possibility?

MegH said...

Yup--I've been in there a lot--and Gerald tells me he will be opening for breakfast soon. He's already started selling croisants and cinnamon rolls which are both good.