Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hunan Legend: The Not-So-Secret Menu

Some of my best fun with HowChow has been publicizing Hunan Legend's secret Chinese menu. A reader Wai translated the menu into English after I posted about my frustration getting authentic dishes. I emailed the menu to people who have explored the items, chatted on Chowhound, and finally posted the menu there as well. (Thanks Warthog and Hon!).

Reiyi announced last night that Hunan Legend has now officially translated the Chinese menu and taped it to their front counter.
Seems like H.L’s “secret” menu is now officially an open secret! My husband went in for carryout the other day and happened to see the “secret” menu fully translated and taped to their front counter. As much as I would love to share a copy of it with everyone, it still boggles my mind as to why he didn’t even manage to ask for a copy! Perhaps someone else can get their hands on a copy to share with the rest of us. From what he mentioned, it seems everything is translated nicely and organized well, which is nice to have since the version you posted is a bit loosely translated (although much appreciation to the original translator) and a bit hard to read. I wonder if they’ve been secretly listening to our requests to have it translated…
Can anyone get a copy and scan it for me?

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