Friday, August 14, 2009

Hidden Treasure Cafe in Highland

If pigs could fly, then I wouldn't have been surprised to enjoy "BBQ pork wings" at the Hidden Treasure Cafe in Highland.

The casual counter joint opened in June 2009, and they're serving a small but interesting menu at the intersection of Rte 216 and Rte 108. This is the intersection of Boarman's crab cakes and sausage. Hidden Treasure adds sandwiches, salads, and sweets served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is an assertive kitchen that wants to serve you fish tacos, salads with cranberries and bleu cheese, or a Tuscan wrap with chicken, spinach, and a parmesan pesto aioli.

Hidden Treasure also serves the "BBQ pork wings." The $7.25 order comes with a cole slaw sitting next to three sauce-slathered chunks of meat. They actually look like drumsticks -- a little bone sticking out of a chunk of meat. It's tender pork, basically boneless because the bone falls out, with most of the flavor from the sauce. A touch of vinegar. A touch of sweet. I had to talk to the chef, who was having his lunch while I ate my "wings." The chef said it's a cut like
pork loin with a piece of rib bone. I saw other Web sites (1, 2) that say it comes from the lower leg. Either way, it's worth a visit -- even if you're driving from Clarksville, Fulton or the Applied Physics Lab.

The Highland cafe fits into the "Maiwand Kabob" style -- classy design, counter ordering, and some seats to enjoy your meal. They serve ice cream and a bunch of "penny candies" that they have actually turned into decorations in glass jars on the counter. Very smart look. They even have some outdoor seating with my favorite parking lot view. I'm going back for the cuban panini and the fish tacos. I'll also check out the ice cream and especially the shakes. They're open for dinner, so I might wander down for a treat one evening with Mrs. HowChow.

(Update: emkenton comments below that Hidden Treasure serves Moorenko's ice cream. That is high end, so the shakes must be dynamite.)

Hidden Treasure Cafe
13380 Clarksville Pike (Rte 108)
Highland, MD 2077

NEAR: This is at the intersection of Rte 108 and Rte 216. There is a modern development with a Subway and other stores. Hidden Treasure is next to the Subway. It's a really easy drive from Clarksville or from Fulton. (Three miles west of Maple Lawn.)

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emkenton said...

I stopped in there over the weekend to get some ice cream, since I had read they served Moorenko's, which I had previously bought at MOMs on your recommendation! The ice cream is not inexpensive, but it comes with 2 free toppings if desired! I had a nice chat with the guy whom I assume was the owner, and I look forward to going back for some "real" food at some point!

betsy said...

My son and I stopped for ice cream on Saturday morning, and mentioned this blog to the owner, who looked it up on his PDA and read this most recent post to his delighted counter staff! He was completely tickled.

And the ice cream was excellent.

momomom said...

Oh yum, I tried the Cuban Panini today and it was so good. The owner said they have tried various combinations of meat and feel they have it right now. The roasted pork had a wonderful spiced edge. It was served with a chipotle sauce on a very good ciabatta roll. I'll ask for extra pickles next time because I really liked them.

I'm taking fussy eater husband back for a cheeseburger some evening.

Silvergirl said...

Thanks for the review and everyone for the comments. It sounds like a nice place for a casual inexpensive bite.

I was trying to find a place on to replace a certificate for one where a restaurant had closed before we got the chance to use it, so I was pleased to see something that was viable for us.

I already had taken advantage of the 90 percent off promotion, so I have a stash of certificates already, so I was glad to see something new. I can't wait to try the pork wings!

Ray Thornton said...

I went to try the ice cream one evening, but changed my mind after looking at the display of what was available. Nothing looked very appealing; most looked rather dried-out.

I decided to go with the Cold Stone instead.