Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kloby's Is Getting A Bar

Kloby's Smokehouse seems to be thriving in the shopping center at Rte 29 and Johns Hopkins Road.

It's my favorite ribs around, although this is a family split here on whether ribs' first duty is tenderness or flavor. Kloby's first expanded next door with a full seating area. Now, they're building a bar. Mrs. HowChow picked up BBQ chicken last week for our friends who just had a baby, and she saw the new construction.

This is officially in Laurel, but it's really stuck between Columbia and the growing Fulton/Maple Lawn area. It's in a shopping center with Mexican at La Palapa Too near the Applied Physics Lab.


Anonymous said...

I saw the construction, too, about a week and a half ago. It should really improve an already-great place to eat.

Quick question - has anyone tried the Japanese/sushi place that's right next door? It looks very nice from the outside, but it is usually not that busy.

HowChow said...

The Japanese place is Ginza of Tokyo. I haven't been, but people have commented here:

Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder why the area between Columbia and Fulton is considered "Laurel"? The Rt. 216 exit from Rt. 95 is labeled "Scaggsville". I was told that APL objected to the "Scaggsville" address and chose "Laurel". said...

@anon10:36: Don't feel bad, most of the businesses in Gateway Overlook are too good to be in Elkridge — their receipts bear addresses in the laughably nonexistent "Columbia MD 21075". Even those who lower themselves to use Elkridge as the official address mostly refer to their stores as the "Columbia" location on their web sites. Sorry folks, unless you teleport your business past the center line on 108, you're still in Elkridge! Take it up with the USPS and get yourselves annexed or whatever if you want to be in "Columbia" so badly. (not that there's anything wrong with Columbia... but by their actions, they're sure saying something is wrong with Elkridge!)

Back on topic — I wasn't impressed with Ginza — I need to comment over there and/or post my own review. Ah, procrastination!

Kristi said...

We ate at Kloby's a couple weeks ago and the bar is definitely open. They also had a waitress to take our order. She was really nice, but I liked it better when you just ordered at the counter. They have the best hush puppies in town!