Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exotic Fruit at Harris Teeter

I proposed to my wife on a pomegranate and checked her out on our first-date test with a plastic bag of lychees.

Seriously. My mother was surprised to learn that I packed lychees on a first date when I'd been invited to go kayaking. Some people might not like lychees, she said. That had been exactly the point. I was looking for a woman eager to try new things. Mrs. HowChow popped open the little fruit as we paddled on Centennial Lake four years ago today. She hinted that I was passing her test by saying that she hoped we could try other fruit together like pomegranate in the fall. (Thus, a pomegranate bouquet the first time that I met her at the airport and a pomegranate surprise when I gave her a ring.)

So we like Harris Teeter. The produce section is good, better than an average Giant or Safeway. But the truly unique options are on a small table where Harris Teeter sells unusual - and often very expensive -- fruit. The photo is a cherimoya, a tropical fruit with a creamy inside and a flavor that hints of strawberry, banana and more when it is really good. That one was good, and it had better be because I think I paid $6 or $8. But the Harris Teeter exotic fruits are an occasional treat, and you need to go big or just go home with something mundane like baby bananas that you could get at the H Mart anyway. When they're ripe, cherimoyas will remind you that life can be sweet any time that we take a risk and try something new. Thanks for four years of my new life, Mrs. HowChow.

If you're waiting for the Harris Teeter in Maple Lawn, click here for the latest news. If you like great fruit, definitely check of the Asian grocery stores for lychees, longan, melons and more. If you want to identify the fruit that you find there, check out this Web site.

Harris Teeter
8620 Guilford Rd
Columbia, MD 21046-1404
(410) 290-5902

NEAR: This is south of Rte 32 and east of Rte 29. King's Contrivance has the new Harris Teeter, a Bagel Bin, and a CVS. Take the Eden Brook Drive / Shaker Drive exit from Rte 32. Follow the signs south to Eden Brook Drive, which goes right past King's Contrivance.


kat said...

I've had those in California. We call 'em "custard apples." Good to know that they're available at the Harris Teeter!

Very cute lychee and pomegranate stories. Does HT have lychee too? I haven't had one in ages.

HowChow said...

I haven't seen lychee at the Harris Teeter. I buy them at the Asian supermarkets -- Lotte at Rte 29 and Rte 40 in Ellicott City, H Mart in Catonsville or the Super Grand in Laurel.

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