Saturday, September 26, 2009

Link: Maiwand Kabob and Dusenberg's American Grill on Alyssa's Fitness

Get a second opinion about Maiwand Kabob in Columbia and my first report on Dusenberg's American Grill in Catonsville on the Alyssa's Fitness Aventures blog.

Lyss took a "staycation" this week, and she and her husband tried out the two restaurants -- pumpkin, samosas, lamb and kabobs at Maiwand Kabob and burgers and a duck salad at Dusenberg's. Her verdict: She'll run back to both.

I had already written that I'm a huge fan of Maiwand Kabob, and I recommend a weekend stop at Dusenberg's so you could also drop by Home Anthology -- a very cool store with mid-century modern furniture that is only open Saturday and Sundays.

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