Monday, September 7, 2009

One Month To Harris Teeter?

One month to Harris Teeter in Fulton? The sign is up, and the Maple Lawn developer has said at various times that the new supermarket on Rte 216 would open on October 6 or October 7, 2009.

(Update: The Maple Lawn newsletter says there will be an official opening ceremony on the afternoon of October 6, and the market will open to the public on October 7.)

The store has been move-in-ready for months now. But an anonymous comment said last week that the Harris Teeter in King's Contrivance was advertising for workers at the new location. By Saturday, there was a huge poster in the window advertising as well.

Turf Valley Town Square will also get a Harris Teeter, according to Tales of Two Cities who reported last week that they signed a lease with work starting next year and a store opening in late 2011. I don't commute past Turf Valley so I can't obsessively keep on this. Send me updates when it happens!


Smilin' Bob said...

Just came back from the Outer Banks, where there's an HT. Love it, love it, love it! Only downside to this one will be that it won't have the kick-butt beer/wine section the one in the OBX has; good thing IM Wine is a hop, skip and jump away.

Hope Wegmans won't steal its thunder.

emkenton said...

As one who grew up shopping at Wegmans (and CAN NOT wait until the Columbia store opens), I still want to give Harris Teeter a big shout-out! It has wonderful customer service, lots of selection, and, frankly, is a really fun place to shop if you're a bargain-seeker. While I think their regular prices tend to be on the expensive side, they have AMAZING sales and promotions-- unlike Weggies, which just tends to have good prices all around. I'm not sure there is a better feeling than walking away with a grocery store receipt that says you've saved $50 and only paid $45! (Well, the day I was the 400th customer and won free groceries was pretty cool, too!)

All this to say that I'm excited about the Maple Lawn Harris Teeter since my guess is it'll be different from the Kings Contrivance one that had to be built into the space left by Safeway rather than on a big open field. I think it's kinda funny that the 2 stores won't be very far apart, but I'm fine with it because I'm close to both! (Sorry that I'm therefore far away from Turf Valley, however, and can't help with the scouting!)

BeerGuy said...

Traffic around Dobbin on weeknights 4-6 PM is going to be SO UGLY when Wegmans comes in, unfortunate drawback.

Its already pretty bad at times right now, I got from Marriottsville Rd. to that sneaky backway on Snowden to Old Dobbin in like 10 minutes last week and then spent another 10 just getting from there to Frisco which is just down the road.

BeerGuy said...

BTW no progress on that new pizza place near Waverly Woods/Marriottsville Rd. I keep driving by, always looks the same, no progress.

One more item, Frisco Grille has finally published its 'secret' menu, its an extra sheet of paper in addition to the regular menu widely available in the restaurant now. Before it was all word of mouth.

Some interesting stuff on there, about five items including my favorite, the 'Adam Bowl' where they basically throw the kitchen sink in there, beans, rice, spicy curry sauce, jalapenos galore, delicious tender chicken, sour cream, etc.

I think there's green tacos, a steak sandwich, stuff like that as well. And the chili bowl. They're really good about customizing the hell out of things there too.