Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Asian Court's Dim Sum Wins "Best Of Baltimore" From The City Paper

Asian Court's dim sum in Ellicott City won "Best of Baltimore 2009" from the Baltimore City Paper.

Congrats to Asian Court, which is on my list of places to try. It gets good comments, and Rte 40 is closer than Oriental East in Silver Spring.

(And congrats to the City Paper, which is a good sport for coming so far into the 'burbs. They also have a cool list of winners. Next time, try the Korean on Rte 40. Bethany Seafood Restaurant has to be edgy enough for you young folks -- three words: "live lobster sashimi.")

(Update: Whoops. The headline said "Asian Court's Sim Sum" originally. Just telling you so that the comment below makes sense.)


Anonymous said...

I love this blog, but please fix this post's headline. It hurts my eyes.

Work in progress said...

Their dim sum IS pretty darn good. And they have it every day of the week (carts on weekends only). It's unfortunate that Jesse Wong's closed down by the lakefront. It's always better to have more choices.

Anonymous said...

YUMMY! We read this reviw & ran right over for dim sum. Best we've had since moving here from Montgomery county.

Kristi said...

Oriental East is THE dim sum place, but New Fortune in Gaithersburg is also pretty good and you don't have to line up 9 am to get a table like at Oriental East, although you do have to show up within the first hour to be seated right away.