Friday, September 11, 2009

Comments About India Delight, sushi, Bare Bones, and Dog House Pub

So many opinions. They're the best part of the comments that people leave on HowChow posts. I don't have time to link them all, but I like collecting some so that people go back and check them out.

But first some business. Alyssa emailed to ask whether anyone knows of restaurants that will honor Jordan's gift cards? Jordan's closed last month. Elizabeth Large posted that the planned Carlos' Steakhouse will honor them, but you might have heard about other places looking to attract new customers. (Update: Anonymous reports below that Bistro Blanc will honor them at 30.)

Now, to the opinions:
And one final comment from HowICook, who was the first person to tell me about Heyser's, which has an in-orchard fruit stand in Highland just off Rte 216:
Seasonally from July - early Fall, Heyser's of Colesville in Montgomery County runs a in-orchard location on Browns Bridge Rd in Highland. This is their local peach orchard. It's a shadow of it former self because of pending development but it's still open. They have a tent under a large tree right off the road.

They sell stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, plums etc), pears, corn, tomatoes and other stuff in season. Some of the varieties are hard to get in main stream markets. According to the help, the source of the produce is the on location orchard, Heyser's main farm, Heyser's Pennsylvania farm and some other local Maryland stuff. Sometimes they label the varieties but if they don't just ask and they'll tell you the variety and source. I generally go for the unbelievable white peaches. The juiciness, smell and sweet taste is a bit of peach heaven.

The stand is reachable by turning right off of 216 onto Browns Bridge road. The tent is a short drive down Browns Bridge on the left. Sometimes there's a sign with an arrow on 216 that says Peaches. There only open Tuesday thru Saturday.


emkenton said...

Re: Heyser's... Thanks to this blog, I ventured to the orchard stand last week and bought the most wonderful peaches. I went back this past Wednesday and, while they still had some, he told me they probably will only have peaches into the beginning of next week. So get out there while you still can!

They already appear to have several apple varieties and will continue to expand in the apple arena. I really appreciate that they type up description and info about their fruit for sale.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Dumb question: I presume the Dog HOUSE Pub has no affiliation with the Dog Pub "chain", which has an outlet across from Frisco Grille and another in Federal Hill in Baltimore, and brews their own beers?

HowChow said...

ADM IV -- I think you're right. I haven't heard any connections.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Jordan's Gift Certificate holders, Bistro Blanc is accepting the certificates at 30% of face value. See their website: