Friday, September 4, 2009

Link: Sun Raves About Ceazar Restaurant

Ceazar Restaurant in Elkridge got a rave from Richard Gorelick in the Sun yesterday -- including a nice photo of the owner Mohammad Sizar and chef Ben Tehranian.

Gorelick liked the combination platter, the kebabs and other dishes. I also really enjoyed the Persian menu and highlighted the garlic pickles. Like Gorelick, I think you need to pair a meal at Ceazar's with a visit to the Middle Eastern grocery next door -- one of the stars of ethnic shopping in Howard County.


Anonymous said...

I just had falafel and tabouli from Ceazer...delish! I will definitely go back soon. The market is definitely needed in this area. Thanks, HowChow, for yet another awesome recommendation!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Ceazar's is closed. I searched out the location off of Dorsey Road a week ago and the restaurant and market are closed and the space is being cleared out.