Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Azul 17: Hiring On Craigslist

Azul 17 Mexican Cuisine & Tequila lounge is advertising for part-time waiters with a Craiglist ad that is amusingly ambiguous about whether they have opened. (Update: Comment below says Azul 17 is open.) This is a modern-looking Mexican place that is opening on Snowden River Parkway. Anyone know if it opened? The ad says it is "newly opening," and it suggests that they're offering tequila to the public:
Azul 17 specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine and offers an immaculate collection of the finest Tequilas for tasting and presents an array of freshly prepared international cocktails. Our teams of passionate professionals are dedicated to consistently providing our clients with superior service and a memorable experience that will only leave you yearning for more!

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Anonymous said...

I was at Pho Dhat on Saturday night, and Azul 17 was definitely open next store! It seemed to be fairly busy too!