Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parking Lot View -- And Live Jazz!

I rushed out for comfort food and stumbled on an ultimate suburban experience -- a jazz trio . . . in a shopping center . . . in the shadow of a Subway.

A few months ago, I celebrated parking lot cafes where you get dinner and a view of your car, but I overlooked Strapazza -- an Italian place in the same shopping center as Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro. I ran to Jesse Wong's because Mrs. HowChow has been under the gun all week at the hospital. As I was driving away, I swore that I was hearing live jazz music.

And I was. Strapazza has live jazz on Friday and Saturday nights -- at least this weekend 6:30 to 9 pm. Three guys playing at the corner of the shopping center. They were serenading Stapazza's outdoor tables. They were also playing for Subway, the wing joint and anyone else who wandered by. They sounded great to me.

8775 Centre Park Dr
Columbia, MD 21045-2177
(410) 997-6144

NEAR: In the shopping center just off Rte 108 between Howard High School and Rte 29. Very convenient from Rte 100. There is a Giant on Centre Park Drive, but Strapazza is down the row from Jesse Wong's in the stores right up against Rte 108.

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amy@flexibledreams said...

That's Phil Heiliger playing that Jazz. He owns Maryland Piano Service on Red Branch Road. And, you're right, he's pretty great!