Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baltimore Beer Week Update

The Baltimore Beer Week keeps picking up new events for its festivities October 8-18, 2009.

You can check out all the events (130 and more) on the main Web site or on the Beer in Baltimore blog , and you can search there for Howard County events at Perfect Pour, Victoria Gastropub and Frisco Grille.

If you can't wait for October, order the beer sampler at Victoria, check out my take on Beer in Howard County, or go right to the source for local beer -- the Baltimore Beer Guy blog.

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Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

well, Baltimore Beer Guy might be giving more regular posts from Howard County than this other guy at www.beerinbaltimore.blogspot.com, but I can report with some certainty that the latter is being reported by one of the Baltimore Beer Week committee members........