Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elizabeth Large Reviews Ranazul

The Sun's Elizabeth Large reviewed Ranazul on Sunday and seems to like the place. Good food. Nice energy. Surprise at the price -- especially $3 for bread and oil and $7 for a glass of sangria.

The review echoes my initial thoughts and makes me want to go back to check out the scallops, the fritto misto and maybe the duck breast.

But my favorite part of the review is that Large just says Ranazul is in Maple Lawn. Not even a reminder that's in Howard County. Her readers slag Maple Lawn in the comments on Large's blog.


Kim said...

This just makes me want to go to Ranazul for dinner stat! I've enjoyed my meal every time I've been there. I've always had good service, too, but then we try not to go at peak hours.

Sillil said...

The wife and I went to Razanul last Friday, because we had a Living Social deal that was about to expire. The place is expensive, and the only time we would go there is if we have a Living Social/Groupon deal. It was Happy Hour, and the bar was packed, and all of tables were taken. The host told us that tables were available outside, so we told her to sit us outside.

The food was good as usual. My only complaint, and the restaurant was not responsible, was that there was a pickup truck that would continue to drive around the block, and it had an annoyingly loud exhaust. I mean, really loud. Since we were outside, the noise just got on my nerves. It did not seem to bother my wife as much, but I heard a woman at a nearby table complaining about the noise to the people at her table. If we had been across the street at Looney’s, then the noise probably would not have bothered me, because Looney’s is a loud place, and it attracts a younger crowd. (I have nothing against Looney’s and their clientele. I have eaten there.) But, Razanul is a more upscale place, and the good old boy in the loud pickup truck just ruined the atmosphere.