Monday, January 9, 2012

Bon Chon Update: Fried Chicken In Late February Or Early March -- After A Month Of Training

Ellicott City will get its Bon Chon franchise in mid-winter -- after the new owner gets a month of training up in New York City.

That's the report in a comment on last month's post about the new Korean fried chicken spot scheduled to open next to Serafino on Plum Tree Road.  John Kim wrote in the comment that he is training now in NYC and aiming to open his Bon Chon in late February or early March with a full menu and full liquor license.

Check out that prior post for links about Tian Chinese Cuisine -- where you can get the double-fried-style now -- and about Bon Chon.


ErinScandalous said...

I'm counting down the days!!

R Reese said...

I tried calling Tian/Mad For Chicken last weekend 3 times to order ahead and was greeted on the phone in Korean and hung up on within 30 seconds after trying to communicate in English. I have ordered carry out by walk in before (and spent the expected 45 min wait shopping in Lotte) and had no problem speaking to the (likely) American born Korean high school/college aged girl.

anyone else have issues or success calling them? I am extremely excited for Bon Chon; I used to eat it once a month when living in Vienna, VA. The only thing I need now to neglect VA forever is a source for Vietnamese sandwiches.

nyfoodie said...

Tried their soy garlic wings while in NYC, delicious! Can't wait for them to open here!