Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Any Advice For The Lunar New Year?

Coscto in Elkridge is selling pineapple cakes from a renowned Taiwanese bakery, reports Min who emailed me the photo above.  She assumes the Isabelle cakes are a seasonal item for the lunar or "Chinese New Year" that arrives next week:

Though it's generally called a "cake," this sweet treat tastes more like a soft, buttery shortbread with sweet, thick jam-like fillings. It's commonly found in bakeries everywhere in Taiwan, and like this article says, they are often nicely wrapped and packed in nice boxes for gift giving. We usually bring back about 4 boxes (of 12 cakes) for stocking up and for gifting. 

Are there any other seasonal finds that people would suggest?  Specials at local bakeries like Bon Appetit on Rte 40?  Anything special on restaurant menus around town?  I'd appreciate any advice for fun over the next week.

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