Monday, January 2, 2012

"Jarbecue" At Kloby's: Surprisingly Delicious

Jarbecue at Kloby's: Pork, cole slaw and beans
For the record, I opposed ordering the "jarbecue," which made it ironic that the late crew found me digging pork from the mason jar when they arrived.

A group of friends grabbed drinks Friday night at Kloby's Smokehouse, and we augmented a little beer and bourbon with a little barbecue.  Kloby's wings are my absolute favorite.  I got two orders -- including my regular "dirty and old" -- and guys were dropping bare bones on the bar in seconds.

But the hungry among us went back to the menu.

As part of a larger menu expansion (more salads!), Kloby's added the "jarbecue."  That's a mason jar layered with pulled pork, cole slaw, and beans.  You eat with a fork like the ultimate "no carbs" version of a barbecue sandwich.

The '34 Act Gourmet actually ordered the "jarbecue" over my objection.  I had a taste for the blog, and I kept going back for more.  Kloby's pork is meaty and smoked, and the mixture gives contrast, not muddling, with slightly-sweet beans and crisp cole slaw.  Bread has always been a weak link, which is why I usually pass barbecue sandwich for ribs or wings.  (I advocate Kloby's bulk pork as takeout and tarting it up with your own toasted buns and homemade oven fries.)

I recommend the "jarbecue" with a flight of beers.  For $10, you get four five-ounce pours, and Kloby's has a fun, rotating list of craft beers heavy on flavor.  The bartender did a great job picking four based on my comments about hoppy beers, Guinness and a thirst for variety.  I already drunk most of the flight when the mason jar arrived, so you might want to get a head start as well.


Sarah said...

I got this a few weeks ago and thought it was surprisingly great, too!

Brad said...


Andrew said...

I'm still partial to the Kloby's Nachos with pulled pork. Waffle fries, their amazing beans, pork. It is so good even if I can feel it taking days off my life with every bite.