Thursday, January 5, 2012

Columbia Wegmans Won't Sell Liquor [Updated]

Does anyone know if the Wegmans in Columbia will sell liquor? [Update -- See the answer below.]

I know that grocery stores don't sell beer or wine around here.  I understand that there are a bunch of laws designed to protect small liquor stores.  I had assumed Wegmans wouldn't sell liquor either.

But people on the I Want The Columbia Md. Wegmans Facebook page have said other Wegmans employees are saying that Columbia will sell liquor.  Anthony posted Tuesday that customer service in Bel Air said that the Columbia store had applied for a license and would have a wine store.

Anyone know?  Anyone know how to search liquor license applications in Howard County?

[Update -- Lisa Rossi on the Columbia Patch confirmed that Wegmans won't get a liquor license.  However, Wegmans tweeted that there will be a third-party liquor store adjacent to the grocery.]

Invite your friend to join the I Want The Columbia Md. Wegmans Facebook page.  There are 916 members now.  Any current member can approve their friends' requests to join.


Anonymous said...

i believe the law in MD is that one store of a chain may sell beer and wine (but not liquor). for example, the white oak giant, the college park shoppers, and (i think) the briggs chaney safeway sell beer and wine. the yes organic market in hyattsville does, too, as does a magruder's someplace in silver spring.

so if an existing wegmans in MD doesn't already sell beer and wine, i think the columbia wegmans can apply for a license. (or if an existing wegmans does already sell beer and wine, wegmans can apply for a transfer to the new columbia location.)

Sarah said...

So the one Wegmens I went to was in PA, a state known for their very draconian liquor laws. I have no idea how they did it, but if they did it there, I have to think there's some way to do it here.

The one in PA also sold wine by the glass, which may have somehow gotten it a "bar" status? I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

I love Wegman's BUT it will not compare to Perfect Pour.

EastCoastMatt said...

if this is true, I know where I'll be getting my alcohol from now on. makes me want wegmans to come even quicker now!

SWR said...

Actually, there are two different McKay's stores in Southern MD that sell wine, beer, and liquor. I'm not sure if they're an exception to the law mentioned by Anon #1 (or old enough to be grandfathered in under a more lenient one).

It sure would be nice if TJ's could stock some wine - I don't think any of the ones in MD sell alcohol.

Tacitus said...

As I understand it, "Anonymous #1" is correct. A number of years back a large liquor "superstore" was planning to move into Long Gate, the license was turned down because the owner was also selling alcohol in another store in MD. Thats why most of the stores in MD tend to be Mom and Pop stores. Despite its inconvenience, this tends to lead to high quality stores. In my few travels I have noticed that even the run-of-the-mill liquor store in Maryland has a much better selection than most I have seen in other states.

Anonymous #2 is also correct - it will not compare to "The Perfect Pour"

P90 Noir said...

If anyone can answer the question, it would be Marylanders for Better Wine & Beer Laws -

Lisa Rossi said...

I had some time this morning, and got the answer... It's on Columbia Patch:

Anonymous said...

Yup Perfect Pour is the best. Corridor has a better selection of non-beers but I love the Perfect Pour anyway.

I have noticed that Corridor is a bit cheaper, but I'll still stick with the local option.

Anonymous said...

Will they sell medical marijuana there?

duanestclair said...

Too bad about Wegman's not selling wine. Most stores in the County are overpriced and I go to Corridor in Laurel for good selection and price.

Cate in Columbia said...

I go to Columbia Fine Wine in the Atholton Shopping Center. They beat the price of Perfect Pour by $2-3 per bottle.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cate in Columbia, although my local preferred option is I.M. Wine. Perfect Pour has a huge selection but they are known to price gauge. I noticed a bottle of beer there was TWICE as expensive anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

We do not want this wagmans to sell liquor or beer-wine. if that happens that will brings other liquor store around in the area in loss and run down the business and employment. their primary business to sell other necessary items and not the alchool products. we really do not want our kids to go their with us to see all thatstacks of beer and wine and taste that promotional stuff. we really do not want that at this location or any other chain store.

Anonymous said...

Howard county liquor board details as follows for the wagmans


CLASS A-1 (package goods store)




FOR: Columbia Wine Partners, LLC, t/a Upstairs Wine, Liquor and Beer in the name of Ralph Michael Smith for a 9950 square foot package goods store located at 8855 McGaw Road, Columbia, MD 21045

May 1, 2012

@ 6:30 P.M.