Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mango Grove Closed, Looking To Relocate

The Mango Grove restaurant has closed -- along with its paired kitchen Mirchi Wok -- to make way for new construction and apparently a drive through Starbucks.

Several people posted comments or emailed me.  Then a comment on an earlier version of this post lead me to Mango Grove's Facebook page.  (This post has been re-written on Friday morning.)

This has been discussed for a while.  Apparently, the Starbucks on Dobbin Road will move to a new building that will replace the Mango Grove and Mirchi Wok.  The county planning board approved the construction in June.  The Mango Grove folks had said they would find a new location nearby, and the Facebook page says that remains their plan.

Let me know if you hear about a new location.  I love Mango Grove.  The food is excellent, and the dosas and southern Indian food bring a unique cuisine.  (Flavors of India has opened in Columbia with some of the same items, although I haven't been often.)

(Update:  The new location announced in October 2011 will be a few blocks down Dobbin Road in the shopping center with Lakeside Coffee, Noodles Corner and Pub Dog.)


Melodi said...

And I assume their "sister" restaurant Mirchi Wok is gone, too???

hoco connect said...

These two restaurants have been my favor places for lunch for some time as I have pointed out in an old blog of mine

Here's to the hope they soon find a new location!

Kathy said...

I spoke with the owner the evening they closed and asked her where they were moving. She pointed towards the snowden area and said it was right around the corner, but did not give me an exact location. Maybe that is just the area where they are looking but have not finalized a new place yet. She said they would reopen in a month or two. Let's hope so!

dzoey said...

I hope they do re-open, it's my favorite place for vegetarian and/or south Indian food.

Does anyone know of another place that serves Uttapam or Dosa?

Junior Barnes said...

@dzoey - "Flavors of India" has both. Their web page is located here:

K8teebug said...

This is so sad!

Elizabeth Treusdell Brunetti said...

Oh that's terrible! I love Mango Grove - I hope they reopen soon!

RC said...

We thank all our loyal patrons for their love and support.Mango Grove and Mirchi Wok are relocating to LAKESIDE RETAIL ,
8865, Stanford Blvd, Columbia, MD-21045
This is a 2 minute Drive from the earlier location on Dobbin Center.
IT IS WORK IN PROGRESS.More updates on the build out time will be also posted on