Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tart Cherry Pie From Lovebirds

Pies impress me when they taste like fruit, and the miniature tart cherry pie from Lovebirds delivers the most-interesting experience: I almost didn't notice the filing.

I noticed the cherries.  They're firm and nicely sweet and tart at the same time.  But I almost didn't notice the jellied filling -- the gelatinous downfall of most pies crammed with more sugar than fruit.

With the Lovebirds pie, the filling is a mild background that tastes like fruit.  Most of the dessert is spearing those firm cherries and slicing up a flakey crust.  The crust is superb.  Supermarket crusts may be as good as the ones that I have made, but Lovebirds gets layers and that dry, but not dried out texture.

I have seen Lovebirds recently at Gorman Produce Farm in Laurel and Roots in Clarksville.   I'd look at David's Natural Market in Columbia, because they sold there last year as well.  Last year, RDAdoc bought us a maple apple, which  also came through like a homemade dessert from a talented friend.

These are a splurge -- $8 for a pie with four small slices at Roots, maybe a few dollars less at Gorman.  But they're worth way more than some giant pies that I have bought and never finished.

Anyone know these Love Birds people?  No contact information on the package, but they say that they're baked in Howard County.


Anonymous said...

I bought a blueberry pie from Gorman's earlier this summer and it was awesome! I have been trying to track down the lovebirds as well. I didn't realize they sold at Roots, so I guess I'll just go there to get my fix. I did find them on facebook this morning.

Marcia said...

They have a facebook page, it says they are in Laurel and provides a phone number.

Unknown said...

Well...I am the Lovebirds lady...My name is Lydia and my husband, Jeff and I, are the owners of Lovebirds. I so appreciate everyone's wonderful feedback and comments. Marcia is right...we are on can either befriend us at Lovebirds CookieandCakes or Like us at Lovebirds cookies and cakes (the business one). You can reach us anytime at 240.515.6092!!!

Anonymous said...

They used to come to the Catonsville market. The crust isn't good enough for me personally to warrant consuming the calories. The fillings are good. My biggest gripe is they bag the pie, ruining the crust and making it all soggy. The best baked good they had was their chocolate chip cookie.

B5 said...

I tried their mini dutch apple pie from Gorman yesterday. I was just enough pie to split it 60/40 with my wife with a side of vanilla ice cream. It was very good lots of apple taste and the crust was flaky as well. Best of all it is made in Laurel.