Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Filipino Food And A Fundraiser This Sunday

Check out Filipino food and a silent action this Sunday to raise money for a foundation that supports folks in the Philippines.

I can't write about every wonderful event in Howard County, but Sunday's event is run by Robin -- the technical half of the HocoBlogs site.  On the food side, Robin and Kate are serving pork and chicken barbecue, spring rolls, chicken adobo and more Filipino foods, including several desserts.  On the charity side, they're raising money for the Tapulanga Foundation:
The silent auction raises funds for the educational, healthcare and micro-credit programs of the Tapulanga Foundation. The main beneficiary of the foundation is a small Catholic elementary and high school that my sister runs. She has almost 500 students now who all come from poor families and her goal is to help give these kids quality education so they can hope and dream for a better life. 
Tickets to our event are only $20 and kids ages 10 and younger are free.  We organize the event as a way to also introduce and serve Filipino cuisine to the community.
For more information, check out their Web page.

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