Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Report On Local Korean Fried Chicken

We're proud to carry Mad For Chicken!  Come try some!  on Twitpic
Korean fried chicken has come to Howard County -- through a Mad for Chicken franchise inside the Tian Chinese Cuisine in Ellicott City.

I couldn't run out yesterday, but Hanah saw the post and ordered some takeout. She reports on the chicken, the crispiness and the glaze:
Over the years, I've had my taste of Bon Chon and other varieties of Korean fried chicken. So I was excited to learn through HowChow that I could get my chicken fix just several miles from my home. 
The Mad for Chicken at Tian Chinese Cuisine didn't disappoint. The outside was crispy and light while the meat inside was moist. The garlic spicy glaze had just the right amount of garlic. The sweet radish which comes with the order provided a nice balance to the spice. Even my husband who is not a big fried chicken eater enjoyed Mad for Chicken. 
Since they fry the chicken in-house, order at least 25 minutes ahead for take out. I ordered the 20-piece wings, which at $17 is cheaper than Bon Chon.  I hope you get a chance to get it out soon.


Anonymous said...

We tried it yesterday at Tian. It was good stuff, not as good as Bonchon, but still pretty good. They have two flavors SOy Garlic and Hot, and I thought both were pretty good. Now that they sell pitchers of beer, it was a great combination. Only thing missing was a nice tv and football. Definitely will try it again.

brandon said...

Tried the chicken last night from Tian (Mad for Chicken) and really enjoyed it. I only tried the soy-garlic wings but compared to the same from Bon Chon I would say that the Mad for Chicken was maybe a little less flavorful than Bon Chon, the skin was just as crispy and I thought the meat itself was juicier. Overall a tough call but I think I liked the Mad for Chicken a little more than Bon Chon and it is definitely a lot more convenient.