Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yogopop in Elkridge

Yogopop has brought the tart frozen yogurt trend to Elkridge just off Rte 100, and it's just the kind of yogurt and topping that you would expect.

It's amazing to me that tart frozen yogurt was exotic enough in 2009 that we drove to Olney for Yogiberry.  Now, Yogopop opened, and I can say "It's one of those by-the-ounce yogurt place with cool toppings."  You know what I'm talking about, right?

Eight flavors of frozen yogurt that you put in your own bowl.  Then you top with a range of items -- fruit, broken candy, breakfast cereal, and mochi.  Yogopop delivers the trend.  I prefer the plain tart yogurt and a purple-colored taro variety.  They're both pretty mild, which goes great with my toppings of mochi and granola.  (I took some chocolate and a gummy something, but I have to admit that they weren't as cool as I'd hoped.)

Yogopop has the bright, modern feel that seems to have come from the original Pinkberry.  That's similar to the Tutti Fruitti in Columbia and the run of yogurt places on Rte 40 in Ellicott City.  Similar enough that I think Yogopop is great for Elkridge, but I'm not sure why you would drive past any of these joints to head to another.  I actually think the big difference is the time of day -- when they're busy, they seem to have the best selection of toppings.

Anyone have suggestions about choosing among the yogurt places?  Any special flavors or toppings?  Anyone have the best stuff?

6010 Meadowridge Rd.
Elkridge, MD 21075
(443) 755-8901

NEAR:  Yogopop is just north of Rte 100 in Elkridge.  You get off on Rte 103 and take the first right.  You look like you're driving into an apartment complex, but a quick right puts you on an access road to Yogopop.

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EastCoastMatt said...

good to know they usually do have mochi. they were missing that when i went the other day.

Joanne said...

I was very disappointed in the texture of the yogurt. Between my husband and myself, we tried four different flavors, all of which turned hard and icy in the bowl.

jessica said...

I used to go to tutti frutti in Elliott city strictly because they had my favorite topping: pomegranate seeds! I haven't been to any other froyo joint that had them, and the past several times I've been to tutti frutti they haven't had them either. :(

Marcia said...

There is an online place - nutsonline.com that sells mochi in one pound bags. They're really fresh. Great nuts, too.

Josh K said...

Our family went the day it opened. All four of us really enjoyed the yogurt and toppings. I think we collectively tried almost all of the flavors. Taro was a nice surprise for us. We also liked the mix of Asian and western toppings. It is very close to us, so we are sure to go back.

Andi said...

I am THRILLED that this place exists and is so close to me!! I've been no fewer than 6-7 times in the past month and my yogopop card is almost full! I do usually go with my husband or sister, so that I don't OD on the tart frosty goodness all by myself. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Andi said...

Sorry, HowChow, I forgot to say that my favorite thing there is a mix of the Lynchee and Taro flavors with kiwi, mango, lynchee, strawberries, blueberries, coconut flakes and marshmallow sauce. NOMNOMNOM...