Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ma's Kettle In Savage

We went for lunch at Ma's Kettle on one of the first chilly, rainy day of the fall.

The Savage restaurant was cozy inside with a menu of American standards -- sandwiches, salads, barbecue and meatloaf.  The signs promote a homemade taste so the '34 Act Gourmet and I went with homemade creations, a pork barbecue sandwich and the meatloaf.

Meatloaf comes with a gravy, a pretty nice way to warm up and fill up.  The sandwich was packed with shredded meat and a relatively sweet sauce.  This isn't reinventing a classic.  This is the classic with a homemade taste just like they advertise.  It's comfort food, and we enjoyed the lunch even if half of a order is all of the meatloaf that I personally need.

If you go to Ma's Kettle, I'd go straight-forward.  The mashed potatoes were thick and creamy.  Skip the vegetables because you can steam broccoli at home.  The barbecue isn't Kloby's Smokehouse, but it was a fine sandwich as we talked and kept an eye on four-month-old Ethan who had eaten at home.

Ma's Kettle is open for breakfast and lunch.  They close at 3 pm.  It's a friendly place.  They split our orders onto two plates.  They kept filling the iced tea.  If you go, consider making your dinner by stopping in the Savage Mill for a loaf of Bonaparte Bread.

Ma's Kettle
8949 Baltimore Street
Savage, MD 20763

NEAR:  Ma's Kettle is near the Savage Mill.  It's easy to access from U.S. 1 or Gorman Road and just south of Rte 32.  From Gorman Road, turn north on Foundary Street.  That is the intersection with the huge bridge that leads to Savage Mill.  Go past the mill, then turn right at Baltimore Street.  Ma's Kettle is a block up on the right.

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kat said...

We stopped by Ma's Kettle earlier today but apparently they're closed on weekends. Their hours are 11 to 3, Monday through Friday.