Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mango Grove and Mirchi Wok Reopening in Columbia -- No Details, But Aiming For Winter

Mango Grove announced that it will reopen its vegetarian southern kitchen -- along with its sister restaurant Mirchi Wok -- in Columbia probably over the winter.

The new location will be 8865 Stanford Boulevard, which is the shopping center with Lakeside Coffee, Pub Dog, and Noodles Corner.  The center actually faces on Dobbin Road a few blocks away from the old Mango Grove.  Anyone know if they're taking the space that Frisco Grill vacated?

The announcement came on Mango Grove's Facebook page.  Richard Gorelick tweeted yesterday.  In a comment on the main announcement, the Mango Grove folks said that they're waiting for a contractor, but estimating for 10-12 weeks from now.  That would be January.

The old Mango Grove building has been demolished.  It will be replaced by a new building that appears to be slated to include a drive through Starbucks.


kam said...

Yay, that is totally what I was hoping for!


Anonymous said...

Never seen what the big attraction was with Mango Grove other then it being vegetarian. Every time we went there both Mango Grove and their meat eating sister restaurant was dirty. The lunch buffets only had two options. Other then the fact that it use to be the only place in Columbia area to get Dosas, the other Indian restaurants in Columbia seemed to be better, even if you stuck to only the vegetarian options at those places.

Anonymous said...

Randstad is in the frisco grill

K8teebug said...

I disagree with anonymous! Every time I went to Mango Grove, it was awesome, and the place clean. Their buffet is one of the best deals around, and I love that it's vegetarian. Their flavors are top notch and it's a great place!

Anonymous said...

@Kteebug I guess your standards for places are different then the health department.

This just so happens to be around the time that we stopped going there. And yes this is the same person that put up the October 12, 2011 Anonymous posting.

Morty Abzug said...

A friend of mine said that the folks at Mongolian Grill told him that they lost their lease, and that Mango Grill would be replacing them.

I haven't yet called the Mongolian Grill to confirm.

Morty Abzug said...
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Morty Abzug said...

As of Nov 2, 2011, the phone is disconnected at the Mongolian Grill.

Since they appear to have gone away as a result of lease termination rather than bankruptcy or the like, there is a chance that they could come back at a different location. Much like Mango Grove.

On a completely different note, all the letters in "Mango" are in "Mongolian".