Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baltimore Beer Week Is Coming, And The Locals Are Brewing Their Own T-Bonz Beer Dinner

Baltimore Beer Week returns on October 6, and it's a great chance to try out craft beer and the local joints like Victoria Gastro Pub and Kloby's Smokehouse.

They have 317 locations, so I can't really summarize the events.  Check out the Baltimore Beer Week Web site and search around.

But I want to highlight the amateurs:  A homebrew beer dinner on October 11.

T-Bonz Grille and Pub and Columbia Homebrew are hosting an event with beers by the CSI Homebrew Club.  The Baltimore club has been introducing and supporting home brewers since 1989, and now you can drink their work.  For $40, you get four courses and five beers brewed by local folks.  Tickets available at either sponsor.

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