Monday, October 10, 2011

Caribbean Food Truck Rolls Into Columbia

The food trucks keep coming to Howard County, and Rob spotted a new one (at least new to us) selling Caribbean food off Columbia Gateway Drive.

The Bennett 5 Star Grill sells lunch from 11 am to 3 pm, including Jamaican jerk chicken.  It joins mobile food spots selling Mexican barbecue in Columbia, Korean bulgogi and teriyaki in Jessup, and the taco trucks along U.S. 1 like Pupuseria Lorenita's in Elkridge.  Rob tried out Bennett and gave a report:
They specialize in Caribbean food, which makes me very happy. We do not have enough Caribbean represented in the HoCo.  I ordered the jerk chicken with mac & cheese and rice. It was fairly spicy, which I really like. I will definitely go back. 
The jerk chicken cost me $9.01. I'm noticing a trend here. Just like Pupuseria Las Delicias #2, they load you up at 5 Star. That styrofoam container was heavy, easily more than two pounds. You could take some hom for dinner. They did not skimp on the chicken either. Great flavors, great spice.
At Rob's suggestion, HowChow needs to add some new labels -- Trucks.  Long ago, I thought the taco trucks were unique, but we now you can get a handful of different cuisines from a roll-up restaurant.

Bennett 5 Star Grill
John McAdams Drive, just off Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD

NEAR:  The truck is located on John McAdams Drive just off Columbia Gateway Drive.  If you are driving onto Columbia Gateway from Rte 175, go past Aida Bistro then turn left onto John McAdams Drive. The food truck will be immediately on the right. If driving from Robert Fulton Drive, turn right onto Columbia Gateway and follow the circle around until reaching John McAdams, then turn right.


anthonydpaul said...

That's awesome! Do you know if they take credit, or cash only? Most of the trucks in DC have iPhone readers.

Rob said...

Forgot to ask. Just give them a call and let us know.

John Thacker said...

They do take credit, I've been there and used credit a few times. It's not a smartphone based system, though.

John Thacker said...

I found them through Yelp a few months ago. Good food.

anthonydpaul said...

I've been several times now and can confirm it is good. I am convinced they never actually have goat and only put it on the menu to seem legitimate. They are always "out of goat" and I ask every time.

Make sure you have everything you asked for before you leave. A couple of my co-workers have left without one of their sides.