Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet The Folks Behind Corner Stable -- They're Here To Save Us From Being "Restaurant Poor"

The new Corner Stable restaurant should open on October 24 in King's Contrivance in Columbia, according to Sara Toth's article on Explore Howard.

The article quotes the owners and talks up baby back ribs that they bring in from Denmark and cook for three days.

The new folks sound nice, although I can't say that I agree that "Howard County is 'restaurant poor' and has 'a scarcity of locally owned and operated restaurants.'"  Maybe they just need to read more local blogs.  (Smiles.)

(Update:  See the comment below.  I can't wait to try mini corn dog appetizers!!)


MaybeKathy said...

I love the ribs at The Corner Stable in Cockeysville. I just hope they have the mini corn dog appetizer at the Columbia location.

Vicky said...

Hopefully the parking for Corner Stable 2 is better - trying to find parking for The Corner Stable in Cockeysville is a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Mon!! We'll be there opening day. BEST RIBS EVER! And Vicky, the parking's great in Kings Contrivance shopping center.

Anonymous said...

P.S. And parking right around the Cockeysville Corner Stable IS tight but their overflow parking is right across the street and easy. Never had a problem finding a spot there and we've eaten there ALOT!