Friday, October 7, 2011

Horchata At R&R Tacqueria

R&R Taqueria brings genuine Mexican food, and now they're expanding their offerings of authentic drinks as well.

I have raved and raved about the tacos, ceviche and other food.  I have even talked up the agua frescas that bring fruit flavors to your lunch.  Now, you need to order horchata as well.

Horchata is a traditional Mexican soft drink, often made from rice, ground almonds, spices and maybe milk.  You end up with a glass of creamy, light refreshment.  Mrs. HowChow says R&R's has the flavors of a fall latte -- cinnamon, maybe allspice.  The cold goes perfectly with the fresh, spicy salsas that R&R serves up with its tacos.


Yaka said...

This is pretty exciting news! I love horchata!

PS: Any suggestions on nearby places (pref. Cuban/Puerto Rican/Hondurian) with great arroz con pollo?

HowChow said...

I don't know arroz con pollo specifically. But I would go to Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville for Cuban. If a Dominican restaurant would work, check out Cazabe in Jessup.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here ever tried the taco truck in Oakland Mills, usually parked on white Acre road near the convenience store?

Kim said...

I love R&R's horchata, but about 1 time out of every three it has been pretty gritty. Still, I always order it when we stop by, that and the Tacos Pastor. We'd probably not have visited if you hadn't written about it, so thank you! We love it.

another opinion said...

We ordered 9 tacos at r&r, among other things, but when we got home there were only 6. When I called to point out the error they hung up on me. The food is good, but the service is not even good for a taco stand!