Monday, October 17, 2011

"International" Grocery Coming To Long Reach

The Safeway in Long Reach will be replaced by an "international" grocery store with a cafe, reports David Greisman on Explore Howard.

I'm not sure what the International Food Market will sell.

Most of the grocery stores around here that cater to an "international" market have a Korean focus with a range of American, Asian, Hispanic and other items.  But the only mention of International Food Market that I found tonight is a Russian market in Baltimore.

Anyone know what the Long Reach store will carry?  Greisman has an interview with the shopping center owner, who says a pizzeria and a Caribbean restaurant will open over the next month.

(Update: Greisman tweeted that the market isn't the Russian folks from Baltimore.  The village center owner said it's folks who have markets in Virginia.  Greisman may go back to interview the market people for more details.)


Anonymous said...

Found another International Food Market at Ellicott City.

Katy said...

This is really exciting! Much closer to me than HMart. Hope it has a similar selection of inexpensive spices.