Sunday, January 26, 2014

White Oak Tavern Is Now Open On Rte 40

White Oak Tavern has opened on Rte 40 -- farm-to-table dining with lots of beer taps.

I'm going to cook dinner for 30 people, so I gotta keep this short.  Please comment if you go.


rsl said...

They might call this farm to table, but have you looked at their small plates menu? It's uninspired bar food that you can get just about anywhere:

Cheddar Cornbread - $5
served with honey butter

Chip & Dip - $6
sea salted potato chips,
onion dip

Chapel Hill Cheese Board - $12
Chapelle's creamy cave-aged cheese, Talbot Reserve sharp

Rosemary Garlic Fries - $6
served with smoked ketchup and IPA aioli

Mushroom Fritters - $7
beer battered oyster mushrooms, feta,
frisée, house hot sauce

Wings - $10
honey soy glaze, served with pickled veggies

Andouille Sausage - $12
dirty rice and charred scallions

Roasted Garlic & Peppercorn Sausage - $11
beer braised cabbage and sauerkraut

Poutine - $9
pork trotter gravy and smoked
gouda over fries

SwimWriteRun said...

Those things sound fine till me! Thanks for the tip, looking forward to trying the new place.

Nikki said...

I think that small plates menu sounds fantastic - and honestly, I haven't seen half of those things anywhere in HoCo. I'd rather try a place first, before calling it uninspired.

jrick said...

We went today. We planned on going for the beer, but once we saw the cocktail menu we were hooked. The drinks in the section called Winter Warmers were awesome! I had the Cinnabon which was carmel vodka, rum chata, brewed coffee and whipped cream. So warm and yummy on a snowy day. My husband had the Spiked Cider which was caramel vodka, fireball whiskey and hot cider. It was even better! The menu was interesting, but small. We had the cajun gumbo soup first. I wanted it to be spicer overall, but it was good. When you got a spoonful with the andouille sausage it was perfect. The soup itself could have been hotter in terms of temp, but we chalk that up to first day kinks. We also had the roast beef sandwich. Again, the fries were a little cold, but we're willing to overlook. The sandwich was really good. I wanted the horseradish sauce to have a little more kick to it though. Fries and spicy ketchup were good also. No prices listed on beers or cocktails and that bothers us. I hate getting a shock when I get my bill. Overall we were happy. Give it a try.

GPS said...

I was so excited to hear this restaurant was farm-to-table. Then I found only one (I think) Howard County farm listed (Mt. Airy's Wagon Wheel). Very disappointed!!! If they say they care about farming and local, they should make more of an effort to support Howard County farms - especially if they want Howard County residents to support them.

Unknown said...

My family went tonight and it was excellent. Great service and food.

Jess said...

We went last night. They've done some nice refinishing inside from what I remember of Jilly's. The bar area was full so we sat in the dining room. We're average-sized people and had trouble squeezing into our seats without disturbing the tables next to us. However, that's an easy fix and I suspect they'll work it out soon. We opted to make a dinner out of small plates - the cheese platter, andouille sausage, wings, and cornbread. Service was good - everything came out the way we asked for it, and they got the timing right. The cheese had some nice flavor to it, even if I'd have liked some more variety. The jam added a nice sweetness, although the texture wasn't quite what I was expecting (almost apple-sauce-y). The bread was good, although I prefer mine toasted for a cheese plate. The unexpected star of that plate, for me, was the pickled carrots and radishes(?). Yum! I'm not big on wings but the one I had was fine with me. I loved the andouille and ate most of it myself - great sausage and the rice it was on top of was just as tasty. By the time I got to the cornbread, it was cold, but that was because I had been busy stuffing my face with andouille. It was tasty though!

Like jrick, I would have liked to have seen some prices on the beers before we had ordered. I suppose we could have asked if we really wanted to though.

Overall, a pretty good meal, especially considering they just opened. We'll be back!

yellojkt said...

We went Sunday night and the full menu wasn't available until 5 pm. The portions were large and very good. We had two variations on Moscow Mules which were served in copper cups as they should. It was a friendly casual place.

Jack said...

Just saw another good review of White Oak on Deena Days blog:

Ben G said...

Not impressed.

The good: Roasted beet Salad. Cornbread was decent. Bar area looked cool.

The not so good:
Sausage part of the Andouille was good but the rice was bland. Rosemary fries were limp. Mushroom fritters were overly battered.

Prices were high IMO.

Hostesses seemed like they would have rather been elsewhere.

Overall I would not return/recommend. For my money head to Ernesto's next door.