Thursday, January 16, 2014

Indian Restaurant in Maple Lawn Will Be Ananda

The new Indian restaurant in Maple Lawn appears to be called Ananda, not "The Polo Club" as people had discussed before.

You can see both names on the Howard County liquor board's agenda.  But it looks like Polo Club is the legal name, and the restaurant will be Ananda.  I saw that first on a tweet by TaylorLegal, and I'm throwing up a post because I had mentioned "Polo Club" so often in the past.

The Ananda building looks beautiful.  They have landscaped and started added lights.  I previously noted that they installed awesome garage doors so that one dining room will convert into a covered patio in good weather.

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interplanetjanet said...

Lookie HowChow, Ananda is Hiring :)