Monday, January 13, 2014

Yog Coffee & Crepes Coming To Hickory Ridge

There appears to be a new restaurant and coffee place coming to Hickory Ridge near the end of the winter.

Lochlann and Amber both emailed me photos of Yog Coffee and Crepes, which appears to be a storefront promising breakfast, lunch, coffee, Belgian waffles and desserts starting in March 2014.  Amber found a Web site that seems to be a similarly-named place in Baltimore that does frozen yogurt and crepes -- both sweet and savory.

Now, this is a shopping center bay between the Giant and Meadows Frozen Custard, a store that sells frozen custard, coffee and other desserts.  The yogurt-custard-coffee product lines seem so similar that I wonder if there is a joint ownership here.

The new Yog Coffee & Crepes is in the same shopping center as the Grille Chick N' Pollo that I wrote about this morning.  Hickory Ridge really does have a nice selection of food options.


Anonymous said...

I live in Hickory Ridge and am really excited about this addition to our village center. I just hope they don't take away business from the Meadows. They are advertising breakfast and lunch, and the Meadows is open lunch and dinner so hopefully they compliment, rather than conflict, with one another.

Anonymous said...

Here is the website for the Baltimore location.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck in Hickory Ridge - competition is tough in HC and the custard place rocks.