Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marquee Spot Will One Day Become A Restaurant

Sara Toth has a story in the Sun about businesses closing on Main Street in Ellicott City, and she has an interesting restaurant tidbit halfway down.

New landlords have bought the building that houses the Taylor Antique Mall, and they told Toth that they're closing the antique shopping area and renovating the building so they can rent it to a restaurant.

That's a huge space.  It's also incredibly visible right where Main Street hits Old Columbia Pike.  Right across the street is Pure Wine Cafe.  The new landlords told Toth that they're already working with a local restauranteur to come up with "a cool concept."

I understand why Toth needs to write the standard story -- just like I wrote 20 years ago -- quoting the current people questioning change.  But Main Street could be really terrific.  I think it has improved in the past eight years since I started walking there, wondering who goes into stores where the displays are covered in dust.   Those dusty windows have become fewer and fewer (and they were never at Taylor, which I enjoyed nosing around).  We loved the Second Sunday market.  We always tell people to walk the trail up to the Breadery.  We have enjoyed some restaurants, and we want to try others.  A big restaurant at that big intersection could just continue the improvements.

Does anyone know who is working to open a restaurant in the former Taylor Antique Mall?  Anyone know the timetable?

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Anonymous said...

I may be in the minority, but it saddens me that the antique market closed. I spent many a weekend in there just wandering around.

Sometimes there can be a thing as to many restaurants.