Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Race On Rte 40: White Oak Versus Sonic

More incremental news on some of the restaurants coming to Ellicott City.

White Oak Tavern posted on its Facebook page that they had an inspection cancelled today, so they're hoping to do that tomorrow and then open in a week or sooner.  This is the farm-to-table restaurant coming to the Enchanted Forest shopping center.

Earlier this month, the Sonic coming a little farther west on Rte 40 posted on its Facebook page that they're hoping to start site work in February and open over the summer.

(Update:  Did Chutney open in Columbia?  This is the Indian place replacing Akbar's.  Jeff commented on the HowChow Facebook page that Chutney's Web site says that it opened on the 17th.)

On White Oak's page, Tony joked by asking which one would open sooner.  Opening any restaurant is an enormous job.  So I'll take them when they arrive -- but I think we're still waiting for Petit Louis in Columbia, Ananda in Fulton and a bunch of other new joints.  Hat tip to Gina, who noted the Sonic post.


Sherringham said...

I saw a sign for Chutney on the median of Snowden River Pkwy this morning. It didn't say 'coming soon.'

w00py said...

It looks like there's a restaurant week going on in hoco.


Junior Barnes said...

According to their web site: http://www.chutneymd.com/

Chutney opened last Sunday - January 19

Chris said...

Just ate at Chutney. It opened in the old Akbar space. Decor is bright, but tablecloths are too big for the tables so they tend to pull your dishes around.

Food was good. I recognize the manager from Akbar's so looks like a lot of the staff are the same. Food is good. I like it better than Flavor's of India, but the selection is smaller.