Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is An Indian Restaurant Closing In Maple Lawn Before It Even Opens? New Place For Rent?

For more than a year, people have been talking about a new Indian restaurant in Maple Lawn called first the Polo Club and later Ananda.

Are they closing before they even opened?

The building looks beautiful inside, and it seems close to completion.  The business even applied for a liquor license.  But Keller Williams has a listing on Craigslist offering to [update: rent, I think,] the building -- saying it would be great for a retail store or a "barista bar."  Giulia spotted the ad and posted on a Facebook group.

Does anyone know what's up?  The Maple Lawn developers definitely thought an Indian restaurant was opening here at their last annual meeting.


EG Kate said...

It's interesting that one of the ideal uses listed is not restaurant. Could there be a zoning issue or something? It seems like that would have been settled before they broke ground, though. It just seems odd that the obvious ideal use for the building (garage doors, outdoor patio with fire pit...this is clearly intended to be an upscale restaurant!) would not be listed.

ho.co.po said...

The craigslist post is gone already