Monday, January 6, 2014

EC Tasting Gallery: Pop-Up Dinners Bring Big City Ambitions To The Local Scene

If you're looking for a food adventure, check out the pop-up dinners offered by the former chef at Pure Wine Cafe who wants to pop into your life and pop great food into your mouth.

EC Tasting Gallery is an irregular offering of high-end dinners cooked by Kevin Brothers, his partners, and guest chefs.  I don't know all the details, but their Web site talks about trying to create price-fixe dinners in unusual locations -- offering you something that you won't get anywhere else.

Next up:  A truffle dinner hosted upstairs at Portalli's in Ellicott City on January 19.  There are a few tickets left.  They're $150 each, which gets you wine pairings as well.  Other EC Tasting Gallery dinners will be more like $100.  You can see a five-course menu for an October dinner where they served three crudos, fresh pasta, roast lamb and more.  I got one report, which said that dinner was delicious and fun.

Check out the Web site and follow their Facebook page.  I'd love comments reporting on the EC Tasting Gallery if anyone attends.


Michele said...

I've been to two EC Tasting Gallery pop up dinners so far and they both have been amazing. The food was outstanding and unique. I love how the chefs talked about the different courses and the sommelier mingled all night with guests and chatted about the wine selections. I also made a new friend that had traveled all the way from New York to come to the dinner. Ellicott City is lucky to have these guys. Cheers to the coolest new foodie adventure out there, Michele

Compassionate Pies said...

Amazing food and very creative chefs! Exciting to have them in our EC community!