Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cool Kitchen Videos From Cha Ya Asian Bistro

For a look into a local restaurant kitchen, check out the string of videos that appear to be demonstrations from Cha Ya Asian Bistro in Columbia -- posted by "Siu's Cooking" on YouTube.

They're all straight-ahead videos with a chef demonstrating and talking -- although I rarely saw the chef or the filmmaker.  See him make pan-fried wonton, Hong Kong style lobster, beef chow fun, and more.  A few like General Tso's list the ingredients and have some quantities, but I also saw lots of work with a deep-fryer and a wok heated by a super-powerful gas jet.  These are restaurant dishes, not recipes for the home cook.

I did love the wonton-folding technique in the video above.  I never knew how to make the pinched shape, and the video does a nice job showing how they're folded, then seared and steamed.  I also love the gas jet under that wok.  That's awesome.

One warning:  Live shellfish are dismembered on camera.  You will want to skip seafood videos unless you're ready for those visuals.

Is anyone a regular at Cha Ya?  What do you recommend?  The lobster and wonton both looked delicious.  We ate there once on a holiday, and we probably didn't get the lead chef.  We ended up with a fried shrimp dish by mistake, so we would love any thoughts on lighter fare.

Hat tip to JessieX, who sent me last week's jalapeno orange chicken video, and the essential HoCoBlogs page.  You can also follow Siu's Cooking on Twitter for new episodes.  Cha Ya is on McGaw Road across from Wegmans.  It is in the same shopping center as Royal Taj, The Green Turtle and other restaurants.


Jessie said...

Like. And thanks for the shoutout and link to HoCoBlogs. See you at the Jan 15th blogger/reader party at Alexandra's? Happy New Year! ~ Jessie

anthonydpaul said...

I'm a big fan of the house curry with pork and pineapple. If you like spicy, always get the 5. It is never as hot as you expect it to be.

Cb said...

cha ya has the best drunken noodles, especially since Tokyo Cafe closed. Be sure to order it with ground chicken and a spice level of 3 or 4. Not crazy about the tomatoes in it, but the flavor and the noodles are spot on!