Thursday, January 16, 2014

#15 Roll At Sushi Sono; It's Delicious, But Just Not What I Had Told You About Last November

The actual #15 Roll
On a recent night at Sushi Sono, the blog's name was taken in vain.  The photo above is the #15 Roll.  It has smoked salmon, crunchy seaweed, and crab on top with flakes of dried tuna.  And it needs the protection of the Sono staff who told diners that HowChow had gotten that wrong.

In November, we had eaten a delicious new roll with green tea noodles, and I swear that we had ordered the #15 Roll special that night.  Either way, I posted a rave describing that as the #15 Roll.  This month, people ordered the #15 at Sono and then asked whether the recipe had changed -- maybe green tea noodles had been removed?

No, the Sono folks said, with grace and patience.  That roll with green tea noodles has a name that translates like Green Tea Noodle Roll.  It's another special that the kitchen is working to perfect.

Then the killer:  "I know HowChow says that was the #15.  But it wasn't."

How embarrassing.

I have revised the November post to note that that was the "Green Tea Noodle Roll" or something similar.  And now, I come again to praise the #15.  This is another Sono success where the chefs play with flavors and textures.  The smoky flavor of the salmon against the sweetest of crab.  The crunch of seaweed with the papery flakes of dried fish.  Both the "Green Tea" and the #15 are worth checking out.

We have begun to order every visit off the white board of Sono specials.  If anything, that has made us more-interested in driving to Columbia.  We get new surprises, and everything is done right.  If only HowChow could produce as perfectly.


Unknown said...

I like Sushi Sono, but their response was a little harsh. You'd think they might have been happy with the mention--whatever the #.

HowChow said...

Kim -- oh, I didnt mean to make them sound harsh. I think the Sono people just knew how a person could think the green tea noodle roll was called Number 15. :-). They were just explaining, not complaining. I just felt horrible when I heard it.