Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Nepalese-Indian Spot In Wilde Lake

Columbia has a new Indo-Nepalese restaurant in the Wilde Lake village center -- replacing the former Tokyo Cafe with some unique options.

Curry & Kabob Restaurant has been open at least a week with a menu that looks welcoming for folks who like other northern Indian restaurants -- curries, tandoor chicken, biryani, etc.  But the Nepalese page is new to me -- a bunch of vegetarian dishes, some goat curries and more.

I have been planning a trip since Clayton first mentioned this.  Jessie X and Matthew both emailed me, so we should get people checking Curry & Kabob out.

Curry & Kabob Restaurant
10451 Twin River Road
Columbia, MD-21044

NEAR:  Curry & Kabob is in the Wilde Lake village center.  This is just west of the Columbia Mall.    Twin River Road comes off Governor Warfield Parkway and runs into Wilde Lake.  The shopping center is on the left.


Anonymous said...

On Friday's they've got a pretty great lunch buffet for $10.

Clayton Koonce said...

I visited for the first time last Friday evening and plan to visit again. I tried the Nepalese section of the menu, going for the cel roti appetizer and the dried goat meat curry for entree. The cel roti is deep-fried rings of rice flour, the taste reminding me a lot of the slightly sweet mochi found in some Asian restaurants, usually for dessert. Mochi is beaten rice, and I noticed beaten rice in other items on the menu. The goat curry did not disappoint, but I plan to try one of the vegetarian Nepalese dishes next time.

Regina said...

This restaurant is just phenomenal.... The customer service was outstanding and the food was AWESOME.... Please everyone support this new restaurant in Wilde Lake village...

Clayton Koonce said...

Update to my previous comment in this thread: I went back for a second visit. Enjoyed everything I had, exploring the Nepali menu again together with very nice Indian naan. I tried one of the appetizers that included "beaten rice". It turned out not to be the mochi but something completely different. Some how, they literally flatten individual grains of rice into something dry and crispy, a good accompaniment to the rest of the appetizer but not something I'd want to eat by itself. (The cel roti deep fried rice flour rings, however, still remind me of the slightly sweet taste of mochi.)

Lynn said...

Good food. Great service. Love their chai!