Friday, March 29, 2013

Ale House Columbia Gets A Rave From WPost

The new Ale House Columbia got a rave from the WPost's bars folks today -- a review by Fritz Hahn touting the beers and the atmosphere.

Hahn talks up the Oliver beers brewed by the owners, along with the selection of other local and craft beers.  Nothing about the food, which I didn't understand until I realized that I was on the "Bars and Clubs" page of the WPost Web site.  I loved to hear that the Ale House offers 10-ounce pours for folks who want to try a few, but can't drink that many.

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HoCo Connect said...

Not sure how the Ale House is going to deal with the parking problem. The valet parking doesn't seem to help that much. Especially for the other merchants sharing the parking spaces.