Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breadery In Oella Expanding - Into Cheese & Wine

Making space at the Breadery in Oella
The Breadery seems to be thriving in its second home, and now they're moving some walls to expand into cheese and wine.

The bakery in Oella is just across the river from downtown Ellicott City.  It's already a terrific place to stop for breads, sweets, and the best hot dog rolls.  Now, they're expanding the retail area to expand their line.

They're already selling wine.  In a few weeks, the talk says, they're hoping to sell cheeses and beer as well.

The Breadery is one of the rare food spots that can be shopping and entertainment.  It's worth your drive just to buy loaves, rolls, and flat-breads -- along with the long-standing coffee from Zeke's and nice jams from Stonewall Kitchen.  (It's also just blocks from the J.W. Trueth butcher.)  But, in addition, the bakery sits on a beautiful walking trail down to Ellicott City.

You can get start at any public lot -- at the Breadery or on Main Street -- then create a walk where you eat and shop along the way.  Start in Oella with breakfast, then walk down to Main Street to look around.  Or get coffee on Main Street, walk up to Oella to buy your breads and then back for lunch

You can't go wrong.  With some warm weather, you can enjoy yourself and work it off.

If you're shopping along Main Street, nose around the new Randy & Steve's general store that has all kinds of gourmet foods.  I'm also a fan of Sweet Elizabeth Jane for cookbooks and kitchen wear.  We also love the tutus at the Little Sunshine Trading Company -- our signature gift for little girls.


Unknown said...

Anyone know how the breadery got around the state prohibition on selling alcohol at a food retail location?

Marcia said...

It sure is deadly to walk on the trolley trail past The Breadery if you are hungry. The smell is just irresistible!!! (voice of experience here)

Vicky said...

The challah at the Breadery is incredible - it's worth the deadly drive/walk.

kam said...

Given that you could buy wine and beer at the old Bun Penny Gourmet in Columbia Mall, and you still can at places like Adega in Silver Spring, I'm guessing it'll work like that.


Marcia said...

Boarman's grocery sells wine & beer and so does Whole Foods. So there must be a provision for it.

Bill said...

About those hot dog rolls... I stopped in last Friday to get some only to be told that they're not making them until the start of the hot dog season. I know there's a baseball season and a strawberry season but I must have missed the memo about the hot dog season. The helpful young woman behind the counter checked with the baker and told me the hot dog rolls can be ordered a day in advance, even out of season.

Trip Klaus said...

Anyone know when the Second Sunday Market is starting back up?

kam said...

Trip Klaus -

According to the Ellicott City Restoration Foundation's website, April 14th.


bmorecupcake said...

Trip Klaus,

If you scroll down some at you'll see there was a Winter Bakers market going on every Sunday for a while now. This past Sunday was the last one, so I assume that means the Second Sunday should be starting up real soon now.

omars said...

After oh-so-many times in old EC, I finally made it up the Trolley Trail and checked out Oella's Breadery. Nice stop off the trail! More of a selection late in the day than I expected for a bakery (about 30 mins before closing). Inexpensive cookie and muffin were both very decent for the price.